Welcome to Crown Recycled Material Supplies

Crown Recycled Material Supplies (A division of Crown Logistics. Co. Wll) is the leading provider of comprehensive waste management and recycling services in Kuwait. Throughout the years, the company has expanded its potential and capabilities by transforming itself from dealing with not only plastic scrap but has also into providing quality recycled plastic regrind and granules / pellets. We process & recycle various grades of plastic in the form of Regrind (Washed and Unwashed) and Granules and pellets. We also process used paper products into bales of OCC, Mixed paper etc. We cater to the requirements of the local market and our prime exports are GCC Market, Far East Market, South East Asian markets, & Europe.


This commodity plastic resin is translucent, autoclavable, and has no known solvent at room temperature. It is slightly more susceptible than polyethylene to strong oxidizing agents. This commodity polymer offers the best stress-crack resistance of the polyolefins. Products made of polypropylene are brittle at 0°C and may crack or break if dropped from bench top height.

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